First Time Organizer

Let’s get Started Organizing!

Sometimes organizing doesn’t come as easy to some as others.  But, no matter what your situation is, I believe you can do this if you put your mind to it!  You just have to stay focused on the final results.

That is the whole reason I have put together some easier organizing projects all in one spot, so you can get your feet wet before jumping in head first! Then when your comfortable and think you have a better feel for it, you can move on to a bigger project.  Don’t go into this thinking you are going to be fully organized in one weekend. If you do, boy will you be surprised!  Organizing takes time to get the feel of it, and know exactly what you want or how you want it done.  It takes time. You may complete a project and then realize you don’t like the feel of, and do it a different way. After a few times, you will know exactly how you would like it.  All the projects after that will become easier.

This area is going to tackle some smaller tasks, and when your ready to jump in, just explore the rest of the site. If there is something specific you are working on, feel free to contact me!

Here are some links below to help you with some inspiration to get started:

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