Messy Space : How to Organize your Closet

There is absolutely no point in owning 45 pairs of shoes, 20 awesome handbags, or 15 leather belts if you cannot find them when you want to use them.  Your closet has to be organized to maximize your space or you will never be satisfied with it.  If you already own a 2000 sq. ft. closet, you may not have this problem…

Here are some tips to help you organize your closet, and be able to use all your cool items you own, when you want to use them!  

Let’s get started!


I am so in love with this idea! The average person does not have time in the morning to dig through drawers looking for miscellaneous items you know you have.  Scarves fall into this category for me.  I have always just stuck them in a drawer.  Out of sight, out of mind.  They never get worn, and therefore only take up valuable space.  When I saw this idea I knew right away it was an answer to my needs.  Depending on what curtain rod package you choose to go with, this project could cost anywhere from $2-$20.  All you need to do is mount the curtain rods on the wall.  You can then wrap your scarves on the rod side by side.  You will be able to see and have access to all of them, and in return they will probably get worn more often.  You could also use this idea to organize other items also.  What are you organizing on your curtain rod?

Belts are another item that lost in the shuffle.  I actually do not own very many belts, so a smaller hook system works great for me.  Depending on how many belts you own, you could go with a few hooks or 20 hooks.  Your options are endless with this great space saving project.


I am beginning to think maybe the items that work in the kitchen, would equally work in your closet!  This lid rack works perfect for storing your clutches.  You are able to see all of your clutches, and in return you will be able to use them more often!


This next idea for your closet will be a space saver!  This is also a great way to coordinate your outfits.  You could literally put every top with a coordinating bottom.  I think you could easily stack 3 hangers together. I would put a plastic storage container by the trash can so everyone will remember that they need to save the tabs from the pop.  Then you could fill a plastic bag with the pop tabs and use a thumb tack to stick it on the wall inside your closet, so you always have easy access to them.


I have actually already written an article about clear shoe boxes, and all the many uses.  You can re-visit that article here. Plastic shoe boxes are great for storing your shoes, and many other things.  I would put a picture of the shoes, or just a label on the end of the shoe box so that you know right away what is in the box. 


I have always had a hard time storing my winter boots, and this idea definitely helps with that.  When it is time to close up the pool for the winter, take the pool noodles inside.  I have found these are an item we buy every year, because they just do not store well.  They usually just fall apart, so we buy new every spring when we open the pool.  So take them inside and cut them down.  You can put them inside your boots. It helps them stand up, and then you do not get the wrinkles in your leather.  Great idea!

While there are always new ideas out there, I love when I come across an idea that really makes me think “why didn’t I think of that”… Have you ever had problems with a blouse not staying on a hanger? Normally I try to buy the hangers that have the notch in them to hold tops in place.  But, if that is not an option for you, here is a quick fix.  As you can see in the photo, you just put a squiggly line of hot glue on the hanger, all the way to the end.  This little bit of glue makes it a non-slip surface.

All these great ideas will help you get your closet in order.  Are there any ideas you feel should be on my list?  Please feel free to share!  Until my next organizing project…. Stay positive!


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    Wow. It’s really useful blog. I will use all ideas. Thanks

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      Thank you Alice!

  2. Lamees says:

    Thank you so much for the hacks, I will definitely use them

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