Easy Organizing Ideas-Under $10

Any great organizer is aware of really good and cheap organizing ideas that also work great.  I have put together a list of easy organizing ideas that all cost under $10. Organizing does NOT have to be expensive, and believe me, I would rather it not.

I know while surfing the internet you come across some really great ideas and think “WOW, if only I could afford that!” Well this list is going to give you some great ideas to work with,that will leave you asking yourself why you did not think of it first!


Let’s get started…





Wire Shelves in the Fridge- After seeing this idea, it was a no brainer! There is so much space in a refrigerator that goes to waste because of the odd shapes of the products that go in the fridge. Every quirky idea has an even more quirkier response! The weird shapes of the packaging sometimes uses up a whole shelf.  By using these wire shelves in there you can stack items without actually stacking them.


Turn table in the fridge– This ideas really caught my eye. We use the lazy susan turn tables all over the house, why not in the fridge? This is great for smaller items that usually get lost in the back and you end up purchasing every time you visit the grocery store.


Tension curtain rods in your Fridge & Cabinets- I found several ways to use these that really blew my mind! I started noticing people using them inside their fridge and cabinets in camping trailers and motor homes.  They were putting them in horizontally, so that nothing would fall out while traveling. Genius!

tension rods in the cabinets.jpg


tension rod in the fridge


Measurement conversion chart on inside of your cabinet door- This was an awesome idea that I set up in my kitchen almost immediately! I was constantly having to look up measurements on my phone, and while cooking that can become rather messy. This gives you all your information right in front of you with your measuring supplies.



Hang your pots on the wall- I am starting to see this idea more and more… What a great way to free up your cabinet space, especially if you have a smaller kitchen.  Storage is hard to come by, and this is one of the easy ways to free up that much needed space!


Add hooks and buckets to cabinet doors for easy storage- I tried this idea in my desk area, and fell in love with it!  These are perfect for storing almost anything that is lightweight that is. You would not want to put anything heavy in them.  I used mine for paperclips and rubber bands on my desk, but they would be great for hair accessories, toothbrushes, razors, etc…


Chalkboard cabinet for to do’s and grocery lists- People have really started to expand their ideas with the chalkboard paint. I have seen it used in classrooms, in playrooms, even outside on fences! This idea focuses more on your kitchen.  If you have the space or an area you could paint with the chalkboard paint it would be great for grocery lists, to do items, and menus.


Hang your spray bottles on tension rods under the kitchen sink- These tension rods are really beginning to be the next big thing.  They are being used in every room of the house now. The really free up space. What do you think?


I am always on the look out for fun, easy, and cheap organizing ideas! So if you have any cheap organizing ideas under $10, that you think should be on the radar, please share!

Good Luck and Happy Organizing!

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