7 OMG Organizing Ideas for your Space!

I am always looking for a cheap and easy organizing idea. I absolutely love for every little thing to have its own place, put away in a tidy spot. Organizing does not have to be difficult, or expensive for that matter! There are plenty of clever ways out there to help you become more organized. I have completed a list of 7 cheap and easy organizing ideas that will help you instantly get more organized than you were.

Using magnetic strips to keep track of your bobby pins and hair barrettes.  This instantly caught my attention, and it will yours too if you are anything like me.  I am sure that I go through millions (yes I am probably exaggerating) of bobby pins and hair clips.  You take them out of your hair, sit them on the bathroom counter, and BAM they are gone… In a few days you will sweep them into the dust pan, and who can wear them then? With this idea, you can put the magnetic strip in the medicine cabinet, or a drawer.



Using a magazine holder in your kitchen, was definitely something I cannot believe I lived without for so long!  This great idea gives your cutting boards or aluminum foil a clean, user friendly home.  And as you remember before, everything should have their own home.



Organizing your cords is probably not at the top of your organizing list… But, this was too good of an idea to pass up. In a busy month, we go through quite of few rolls of toilet paper.  You could even decorate them any way you wanted. In the picture it shows using washi tape for decoration.



This next idea, I know I have suggested more than once.  Organizing your items with a clear plastic shoe organizer is so handy.  The possibilities are endless with these cheap buys.  You can store your makeup, Barbies, or even shoes if you wanted to. Any of these ways makes for an easy organizing project.



Now this next idea could work for just about anyone that has the space for it.  I did not have the space for it, or I would have had this in my laundry room.  Sorting clothes when you are in a rush is very time consuming.  After using your baskets that you already have and putting some labels on them, and sort as you go.


After the holiday’s are over, and you are left with the mess, this will help some.  I have never been able to find the wrapping paper when I needed it, so I would just go buy another roll. This will help keep them all together and easy to get to.



If you are in the process of organizing your closet, this idea will help with that. This will also help you cut down on time in the mornings so you can concentrate your precious time on something else. You can put the pop tabs on the hanger and add another hanger to it.  This is a great way to pair of your outfits, so that you don’t have to choose of a morning.


Now getting organized is not something that happens over time. Do not try and cram getting your whole house organized into a long weekend, because you be so disappointed in yourself. Instead, take your time and find good ideas that work great in your house!

To find these ideas and a few more, please take a look at my Pinterest board here. And for a refresher on some ideas I have already wrote about, visit my here.

Good Luck, and Happy Organizing!

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