10 Dorm Room Ideas to Save you Space

Dorm rooms are tiny, but are used for everything. This means college students have to be creative when organizing their room, to make the best use of the limited space they will be living in. Here are 10 space saving dorm room hacks to help you de-clutter and organize your dorm to your mom’s standards. Visit here for more space saving dorm room ideas.



1. Converting your bed into a loft bed.

Converting your bed is one of the easiest space saving tips that instantly gives you a lot more room to work with. You can put anything from a small dresser to a bookshelf under your bed and still have space to spare. The downside to lofting your bed is that you probably won’t use your bed as a couch, but who wants to lay in bed all day?



2. Bed Risers

Bed risers are an amazing invention for college students to use. They lift your bed just enough where it will still be easy to climb onto the bed, but provides plenty of space underneath. For a double whammy – purchase bed risers that double as an extra outlet – less extension cords cluttering the floor. Bed risers are a great option for people who go to schools that don’t allow you to loft your bed. Sure, you won’t be able to place a futon under your bed, but at least you can hide some drawers.



3. Plastic Drawers

By converting your bed to a loft or using bed risers, you have given yourself more space to store things, but you don’t want to just throw things under your bed. I recommend getting a couple sets of plastic drawers to use. I use them to store clothes that don’t fit in my tiny closet, as well as my picture frames and crafting supplies. It is a great way to keep things out of the way, but they are organized. They are also a huge help when moving in because you can pack them ahead of time.



4. Shoe Organizers

If you are like me, you have a lot of shoes, and as you know, they take up a lot of floor space. This is why it is very important that you have a way to organize them. I use a shoe organizer that hangs in my closet, but there are other options if you don’t have the necessary hanger space. They make shoe organizers that can hang on your door and also make shoe racks that you can store on the floor (like under your bed that has risers). If none of these work for you, then you might need to consider leaving some shoes at home.




5. Switching out your Wardrobe

Clothes take up a lot of space. Most freshman move into school and bring all of their clothes, big mistake, only take what you need. Only pack the clothes that you are actually going to wear between the time you go to school and when you will go home. Start out the year with shorts and tanks, and then when you go home for fall break  switch them out for sweaters and your winter coat. This way you don’t have the bulky winter items taking over your room months before you will even need them.



6. Jewelry Organizers

Now this is one of those space saving tips that probably won’t apply to everyone, but hopefully it will help at least on of you out. I rarely wear jewelry, but somehow I have managed to acquire a lot of it over the years. And for whatever reason, I feel compelled to bring it all to school. This, of course, takes up valuable space in your room, usually my desk. This year I decided to try something new and organize my jewelry. I have a jewelry tree that takes up less space than my jewelry box and only put the jewelry that I actually wear on it. It makes it easier to access which means I actually wear it and don’t get let it sit in a box taking up precious space.



7. Get an Accordion File Organizer

You accumulate a lot of papers as you become more of an adult in life. I recommend getting an accordion file organizer to help keep that stuff organized and out of the way. It is a great place to store your car paperwork, credit card bills, insurance information, and any other miscellaneous papers that aren’t for class. It is also a way to guarantee that you won’t lose important papers and won’t spend a lot of time searching for them when they are needed.



8. Magazine Holders

Receiving mail is always exciting, and one way we make sure we have a constant supply of mail is by obtaining a magazine subscription…or five. If this sounds like you, than this is one of my space saving tips you’ll want to listen to closely. You can’t easily shelve magazines on your bookcase, so they end up sitting in piles on your desk or even the floor. Luckily they make these amazing inventions called magazine holders that you can use to easily store those magazines that you just can’t get rid of. If you don’t want to buy one, you can make one. All you need is a cereal box and some scissors!




9. Foldable Chairs

Now when I say a foldable chair, I don’t mean those hard plastic ones that you sit in at a family reunion. I mean comfortable chairs like butterfly chairs that you can easily store. I have one of these chairs, but only use it when I have friends in my dorm. I don’t use it for myself. When I am not using it, I simple fold it up and store it in a corner or under my bed.



10. Multi-Purpose Furniture

I think we have already established that your dorm room is more than a place you sleep. It is also your study, kitchen, and living room. This is why it is great when one piece of furniture can be used for multiple things. An example of this is a hollow ottoman – it can be a place for people to sit when they are hanging out in your dorm, and also a place to store things. Another multi use item that I have is my desk lamp. It doubles as a pencil holder and has an outlet that I use to charge my phone.



Hopefully these space saving tips have helped you out. I encourage you to use them so that your mom is amazed at how clean your room is the next time she comes to visit.


  1. Wow so many great ideas, those bed risers are the bomb need to find those and the shoe rack is just perfect. We have a house but one of our bedrooms is very small this tips are helpful.

    1. lesli.snow@gmail.com says:

      So glad this is something you could benefit from! Thanks for stopping by. Hope you will be back.

  2. Czjai says:

    I like those bed risers that double as power outlets. I need them for my bedroom! 🙂

    1. lesli.snow@gmail.com says:

      I know they were pretty cool!

  3. What great suggestions! Space is always limited in college and it is a good idea to know some of these tricks!

    1. lesli.snow@gmail.com says:

      Yes! Space is VERY limited! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I love the elecrticity storage!

    1. lesli.snow@gmail.com says:

      I know! That is amazing! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Chia Hui says:

    Great ideas. Now I could think of something for my son’s room.

    1. lesli.snow@gmail.com says:

      Great! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Melanie says:

    Dorms certainly have gotten cooler since I was in college. Those risers with outlets? Genius!

    1. lesli.snow@gmail.com says:

      I know! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Bed risers with plugs? Now that’s nifty! I always had to crawl under the bed to hook up an extension cord 😛

    1. lesli.snow@gmail.com says:

      Me too!! 😂

    2. lesli.snow@gmail.com says:

      Me too! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Rosey says:

    Such smart ideas. I love the ingenuity it took to make some of these. The plugs at the feet of the bed are genius.

    1. lesli.snow@gmail.com says:

      I agree!

  9. Chris says:

    I might use some of these for my kids room!

    1. lesli.snow@gmail.com says:

      Great idea! Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Mardene Carr says:

    This is a fantastic post. I love the jewelry organizer and would love to know where you found it.

    1. lesli.snow@gmail.com says:

      Thank you! It started as an old bulletin board, with a few added hooks and some spray paint, ta-da!

  11. Erinn Sluka says:

    These are great ideas. I love the idea of those bed risers

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