Organizing Tips & Ideas for Playroom’s and Kid Spaces…

One of the hardest things to keep organized is the playroom! No matter how many times you pick up or have the kids pick up, it is never ending.  One of the biggest things that seem to be problematic, is that not everything has its own space.  This is true with organizing anything, EVERYTHING must have its own personal spot.  When you learn this, you can start teaching it.  Make sure everything goes in its personal spot every time.  When you get in the habit of this, and teach your kids the same, clean up time will run a lot smoother…

Here are some tips that I came up with.  These ideas should help you get well on your way, to a more organized and relaxed playroom.

If you are looking for more ideas on how to organize the kid’s stuff, then go check out my Pinterest Board on Organizing Tips & Ideas for Playroom’s and Kid Spaces…

Cute and Cozy Reading Nook via


Isn’t this fabulous?! A bit of magnetic tape (along with a couple of dabs of super glue), and this magnetic knife holder from IKEA make those pesky toy car messes a snap to clean up! And what kid doesn’t love magnets?! Via Design Dazzle

  Playroom Organization Using Bins & Baskets
Create a Great Playroom

Princess Dressing Area

Via Deannas


Nerf Gun Storage

Via The

Magical Lego Storage Solution

Via  The Happy Housie


Free Printable Toy Bin Labels

Via Teaching Mama


DIY Toy Cubby

Via Remodel Aholic

Barbie Organizer

Via A Girl and A Glue Gun


Printable Playroom Labels

Via Joyful Abode



  1. I love the idea of the magnetic knife holder for the little cars! There are so many of them at my house. This would be a game changer!

    1. says:

      Thank you Isabel!

  2. Such a loooovely blog! Let’s keep on following each other.. I write about easy to make and delciously healthy recipes that are good for the whole family. More time for yourself ( and tidy up that playroom) and enjoy life on a high energy note! And who doesn’t need energy with kids! 😉
    Written by a Nutrition Coach… 🙂

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      Thank you so much!

    2. says:

      Thank you! and I love yours too!

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