Car Hacks EVERY Mom Should Know…

10 Car Hacks Every Mom Should Know!Traveling with younger children can be as stressful as it is valuable. The silly stories, funny mishaps, and memorable memories are something everyone will look back on for years to come. But with these Car Hacks, it should be a little easier. 

These mom car hacks are meant to reduce the stress and make it easier to travel with the

“ARE WE THERE YET”, on a long road trip.

So let’s get started on 10 Car Hacks that I think Every Mom Should Know.

Every mom out there knows what your backseat looks like when you remove your kids car seat from the car, so I am positive you will LOVE this car hack.  There is usually a combination of a few lost toys, cheerios, and crumbs from who knows what!  So, you can only imagine my excitement when I came across this idea!  By placing a fitted crib sheet over the vehicle seat before installing the car seat, it saves the seat from suffering any damage and becoming the disposal spot of extra cheerios that missed the mouth.  As you can see in the picture, the fitted crib sheet fits neatly over the headrest and bottom of seat.

This next car hack seems to be all over the internet… Not sure why I did not think of this when it would have been really useful for me!  By placing a clear plastic shoe organizer over the back of the front seat, you can put whatever in the pockets that your child may need traveling down the road. Sippy cup, small toys, snacks…. Anything that you know they will be needing 15 minutes into the trip.  Click here to see an example of the finished product.

These cereal containers make great trash cans.  With these you can actually put to use those plastic sacks from the grocery store that you have been saving for months.  Just open the container and insert the plastic sack, then put the lid back on. Car Hack accomplished!  I have seen people actually decorate these with contact paper, or duct tape, or anything else you may have on your craft table.

Shower caddies with suction cups for a car hack??  They work great for storage that is within reach. Just suction them onto the inside of the window they are sitting next to, then you can put sunglasses, tissues, or small toys in them.  I would keep in mind, that these will not hold anything very heavy.

This portable art set made out of an old DVD case, is perfect for long car rides, or even a short flight. If you do not already have any of these laying around the house, I would suggest making a trip to the thrift store.  You can usually pick some up really cheap, just discard the DVD if it is not anything you would watch.  Anyway- check out how cute this is!  I am not going to give you step by step directions because Stacy at {handmade by stacy vaughn} did an excellent job in her tutorial on her site.  The only thing I changed was using hot glue to hold everything together and adding a piece of ribbon along the inside.  It took just over a half hour to complete start to finish and the only hard part was cutting out the center.

This super cute caddy is a car hack for a traveling mom’s dream come true! From the easily usable handle, perfectly sized compartments, and the color availability, are amazing. Not much to explain on this one, dollar store caddy, insert meal, Done. Visit here for more dollar ideas.


The next tip is an absolute life saver! Literally! This tip should probably be at the top of my list, just because how important the matter actually is.  You will need the following item, Disposable, plastic, solo cups (9 oz.). You may have some around the house, I would call them wine drinking size? You are going to start by cutting out half of the cups bottom.  You then slide the latch plate (male side of seat belt) through the cup, small end up. You can then buckle the seat belt like normal, and pull the cup down over the latch. This makes it impossible to accidentally hit the eject button while loading groceries, or other kids into the car. Visit this link for pictures.

When a fellow blogger shared this next one with me, I was in love with the idea! These road trip clips work great for those kids who cannot keep their hands to themselves, or just a way to make the trip fun.  The road trip clips are made with clothes pins, that you can decorate anyway you choose.  Let the kids help you with this one, and they can decorate their own clip.  When you get ready to go traveling, just clip them on the sun visor.  Let the kids know that as long as the clips stay on the sun visor, they will receive something special at the next stop.  If they do not listen, and you have to remove their clip, no surprise at the next stop… Visit here for more information.

Make ANY cup a sippy cup with some Glad press and seal.  Stop dreaded spills from happening, beforehand! You can pick up a roll of this from your local grocery store for under $5.00, and it will last a while.  Remember to stick in some straws in the package so you are completely prepared if you ever need it.

Car Bingo is a great game you can play with the kids while traveling too. Just make your bingo sheets before you leave the house for vacation.  You can put almost anything on them, depending on the age of your children.  If you are working on colors, use colors, if this is more for fun, use license plates, or animals, the ideas are endless with what category you choose to use.  If you wanted to, you could laminate the Bingo Cards and use stickers to mark the spots. Stick in some small goodies to give as prizes.


I hope that some or all of these car hacks help make traveling with children less stressful, and more fun.  Please visit my Pinterest Board for more ideas.








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