Bedroom Organizing-Cheap Ideas

Bedroom organizing ideas from the Dollar Store!

With sticking to the Cheap Ideas theme, I thought I would fill you in on some cheap bedroom organizing ideas.

The Dollar Store is FULL of cheap organization products, especially when you are trying to get your house organized WITHOUT breaking the bank!


First, I have listed a few tips that have helped with clutter in my bedroom.

  • Placing a small trash can beside your nightstand to keep tissues, receipts, and price tags from cluttering up your nightstand, dresser, or other surface that you unload on.  Then you would just have to remember to immediately throw away these unneeded items.
  • For added storage, you can always re-purpose a small dresser as a nightstand. In the additional drawer space you can put off-season clothes, extra sheets, accessories, or your reading material for bedtime.
  • I found that installing a few extra hooks in my closet helped with last-minute clothes changes that usually ended up tossed on the bed or over a chair. Just put them on the hooks to hang up later, they do not end up wrinkled from being tossed on the floor.
  • Placing a basket at the foot of the bed is nice storage for your throw pillows and extra blankets.

With these ideas, you should be able to tidy even your messiest clutter spots.

Here are some more great ideas that I found to keep your bedroom organized and free of clutter. With a little DIY, you can make most of these projects on your own. You can also make different simple changes, and personalize it to make it your own!

Embroidery Hoop Hamper for Bedroom

An Embroidery Hoop Hamper is a great way to personalize your space.  The only supplies you will need is a large embroidery hoop, a pillow case, and some ribbon to make the hook.  You might also need to install a hook on the door, if you do not already have somewhere to hang it. Easy way to free up floor space!

I think I have covered this DIY Hat Storage Hanger in another section, but it really was a life saver for space in my house!  You will need a hanger (as fancy or as simple as you would like) and some shower curtain hooks ( as fancy or as simple as you would like). Just hook the hats on the hanger with the shower curtain hooks and hang it in your closet or on the wall.  If you have hats around your house like we do, you will not believe the space this saves! You could also use this idea for tank tops, scarves, tights, belts, or ties…

Assorted Dollar Store Baskets for BedroomUse these cute, dollar store bins for under the bed storage! Paint them any color, add a handle and you are ready to organize all of the junk that has been stuffed under the bed. These are perfect for storing a set of extra bed sheets, your purses, shoes or exercise gear!


Take a look at some more bedroom organizing ideas here.

And keep your eyes open for more Room by Room organizing projects to come! 



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