6 Perfect tips for an Organized Home Office

If you work from home, you more than likely have some sort of office space or nook setup for working. Having this space organized just right could be the difference between wasted time and productive work. You need to have it organized smart and efficiently, especially if it isn’t a very large space.

Keeping your space organized right and logically will help you stay more focused, and in return you will be able to be more productive.  Being more productive means you will be able to come up with more ideas.

Clear acrylic desk trays were a great idea that I came across while researching for the best ideas.  With these you can bring a pop of color to your desk, while staying organized.  After choosing whatever color works best with your area, you can start this project. Items you will need:

First you are going to trace the front of the Clear Acrylic Desk Trays onto the Cardstock. Cut this out and apply the modge podge to the cardstock and place it on the back of the front panel.  This will give you the color you want.  You are then going to need to decide on labels for the trays. Inbox, invoices, important, etc… You can either make these with your cricket machine if you have one, or order them online in any font, size, or color.  I think that white works the best for the labels, unless you were to use a white, with colored labels.  This is just an easy way to add color to your work-space and make it yours.

Another way to get your desk organized, is using a color system.  Anymore most office supply stores have various items in various different colors to fit the needs of the customer.  This is perfect for those of us that are REALLY organized.  Colors give you an outlet to assign different colors to different levels of importance. Red for immediate, and maybe a soft yellow for items not needing immediate attention, then you can fill in everything in between with other colors of your choice.  Also, if you have to share this office space, you could assign different colors to different members of the family, or whoever shares your space. While at one of our local office supply stores, I noticed you can get file folders and desktop organizing items in different colors and prints. Definitely worth checking into.

When you are steady at work, and brainstorming on your next project, it helps to place items in zones.  Dividing your work in to different zones, and placing them in files or file boxes, lets you see the overall picture.  I cannot stand a cluttered desk, and before I started doing this, items would get lost.  I know have several boxes that can either stack or spread out on my desk while I work.  I love that I can see exactly what I need to finish, and items that need immediate attention.  You can pick up shallow boxes with lids for stacking, or use a stacking file box.  These come in almost any color or print you can think of, or you could use contact paper to customize.

Postage Stamp

I am a firm believer in the STOP SEARCHING TECHNIQUE! By this, I think it is very important to place all items you know that you will need within arms reach.  A recent study showed that we spend close to an hour everyday searching for items.  If they all were stored in small containers, you could pull them out while working or put them away when not needed.  This would be especially helpful for paperclips, rubber bands, or even postage stamps if you do a lot of mailing during the day!

Get Comfy! The way you have your computer setup can either increase or decrease your productivity.  Everything on your desk should be at the perfect height.  Raise your monitor(s) to eye level, make sure you do not have to reach very far for the keyboard or mouse.  And, do not hunch your back! I had my husband build and stain me a really cute shelf for the top of my desk that my monitors sit on.  It is tall enough that my monitors are eye level, and it leaves space under for storage.

If you have a drawer to organize, small plastic baskets are great for storage.  You can visit your dollar store for various shapes, sizes, and colors.  Perfect for daily need items.  You can store it in your drawer, or move it to your desktop for easy access.

These are just a few of the awesome tips and ideas that are out there.  I could go on all day about desktop organizing, and organizing anything for that matter, but I will save the rest for another day.

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