Cheap Organizing Ideas

I am always looking for a bargain, and if I can also organize something with it, then it is like killing two birds with one stone. Here are a few Dollar ideas you can try. Let me know if I left anything out that you can’t live without.

Clear plastic containers are perfect for organizing your pantry. They sit perfectly on the shelf, and you can put a label on the front. You are able to see the contents.  The clear containers also help with making your grocery list. You are able to see how much sugar you have, or if you need to purchase minced onions.

Keep your shelves organized and tidy with plastic bins.  You can also put labels on these, but keep in mind if you need something with a lid or not.  They come in any size, color, shape you could think of. With the assorted colors you could even go as far to color coordinate the contents.  With the colored containers it is a bit harder to see what you have in them, or how much you have in them.

Under the sink, you can use stacking storage containers. You can do this for your kitchen sink or your bathroom. You can stack them, so you are able to fit more under the sink in a small space.  I have seen these in several colors. They work great for storing your dishwasher pods, or sponges.

Another sink storage idea is a tension rod. With this you can place it under your sink and hang your cleaning bottles on the rod. They are easily accessible and you are not knocking them all over to find the right one.  Small baskets are also good for storing a specific cleaning group. For instance place your shower cleaning supplies in a basket, when it is time to clean the shower, you only have to grab that basket. You could also use this for cleaning the toilet, or your vehicle. The possibilities are endless.

My husband has way too many Baseball Hats, so when I came across this idea I was so excited! All you need is a couple of plastic hangers (depending on how many hats you are trying to organize), and some shower hooks. They hook right on the hanger, then the hanger  goes in the closet. Now they take up way less space! I have also realized you can use this same idea to store many other things, like scarves, tank tops, ties, or belts.

Ribbons are a difficult craft item to store.  All you need is a plastic basket with holes, and a dowel rod that will fit through the holes. Place the dowel through the center of the ribbon packaging and then place each end of the dowel rod through the holes. A rubber band on the end will help keep the rod from sliding around.

Tub Toys are always fun to pick up! Wrong… with using the tension rod (shower curtain rod) you can place it in the bathtub, place the shower curtain hooks on it and hook the baskets onto the hooks.  Hooks that completely close work better. Place it low enough that the kids can put the toys in the baskets by themselves. I have seen these baskets in many colors also.

Card Games are hard to keep together after the original packaging falls apart. Using plastic travel soap containers, you can keep them together. If you get a lighter color you will still be able to see what is inside, if not you will have to put some sort of labeling on the container.


These are just a few of the many ideas I found useful. For more great ideas visit here! And remember to share these ideas with your friends and family!


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